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Maximize a short course with Davis Edge
Customize your classroom with adaptive quizzing and interactive clinical scenarios.


Build a solid foundation of theory and clinical knowledge with a visually engaging design.
  • Develops critical-thinking and clinical decision-making skills.
  • Focuses on must-know knowledge through student-friendly features.
  • Emphasizes the importance of safe and effective care.


Struggling to find clinical time? Find out more about our Interactive Clinical Scenarios.
  • Simulate clinical experiences .
  • Scenarios follow the steps of the nursing process.
  • Integrate technology into your classroom with Lesson Plans.


Ensure mastery of key content in a short course.
  • Save time with preset assignments that correlate to the text.
  • Quickly gauge strengths and weaknesses to focus class time.
  • Prepare students for the NCLEX with high-level questions.