At F.A. Davis, accessibility to both print and digital products is a high priority. We strive to adhere to Level A of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0). We provide alternate-format texts to students with disabilities, as well as transcripts for all audio assets upon request. Many of our videos and animations include synchronized closed captioning.


PDF Requests

F.A. Davis provides PDF files for schools to provide to students who have a verified disability on file with the college and have purchased a copy of the book. Requests for digital files for disabled students must be made by the disability coordinator, or the person fulfilling that role for the school. We cannot process requests directly from students.

To request an electronic text for a student with a verified disability, please complete and submit this form. You will receive an email with instructions for accessing the requested text within seven business days.

F.A. Davis also encourages the use of AccessText for such requests. AccessText is a membership exchange network that facilitates and supports the nationwide delivery of alternative textbooks to Higher Education students. It enables the publisher to provide material directly to the disability services provider in a shorter amount of time than with the traditional method. Visit for more information.

For additional information or inquiries about pending requests, please contact


Product Accessibility Documentation

Please refer to these documents when considering specific items of site accessibility.

Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs)
Davis Edge VPAT
Medical Language Lab VPAT
Davis Advantage for Basic Nursing VPAT
Davis Advantage for Medical-Surgical Nursing VPAT
Davis Advantage for Pathophysiology VPAT
Dosage Calc 360 VPAT

F.A. Davis has prepared 508 checklists supplied by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services ( for each digital product and platform.

DavisPlus 508 checklist

Medical Coding Lab 508 checklist

Kinesiology in Action 508 checklist

Fitness Decisions 508 checklist

Dental Care Decisions 508 checklist

Calculating Dosages Online 508 checklist