Request Permissions


All F. A. Davis publications are protected by copyright. Permission to use F. A. Davis intellectual property must be secured in writing. This applies our print publications, as well as our digital products.

Use the following forms to submit your permission request. After submitting the request, please send us a fax at 215-568-5065 in order to provide a printed copy of the material that you wish to use.

In your fax:

  • Be sure to include the title and copyright pages.
  • Indicate clearly which parts of the material you wish to use.



Permission requests will be processed within 6 to 8 weeks of their receipt. Depending on use, a fee may be assessed. Because of the differing kinds of requests, we cannot estimate fees prior to processing your request.

Requests are processed in the order received. If you need a quick response time, please indicate that on your request. A rush fee of $25 will be added for expedited requests; this is in addition to any permission fee that may be assessed.

Want to learn more about copyright?  Check out this video from the Copyright Clearance Center!